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Our Divisions

we create and educate

With our two division’s, we at Sangnila not only provide products for clients but also education for bright talented young future programmers and animators.

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Animation, Game Development, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality are only several of our services at Sangnila Tech.

Arts Academy

We provide education on subjects that we provide as products in the Tech Division to brilliiant young minds.

Interactive Media & Technology

The Future is now

Technology in this day and age has been more important than ever, that is why we at Sangnila Interactive Media and Technology are firm believers of synergies between local asian cultures and modern industry will be the way forward. We have invested our skills and experience developing many things such as :

Virtual Reality

Technology to see, create, and interact with objects in the virtual world has advanced a lot since the beginning of the 20th century. We at Sangnila Interactive Media & Technology have used these advancements to create many services and products using VR sculpting, VR modeling, and many more.

3D Media & Animation

3D media & animation nowadays are used everywhere, especially in the film and video game industry where CG characters are created to entertain millions of people worldwide. Sangnila Interactive Media & Technology have assisted many production houses around the world, including animating the cutscenes in Nintendo's Xenoblade Chronicles 2 : Torna The Golden Country on the Switch.

Augmented Reality

There are two types of augmented reality (AR) we create at Sangnila Interactive Media & Technology, one is marker based AR and markerless based AR. Both types have their own purpose and function. The difference between VR and AR is that you do not need a VR headset to view augmented reality.

Our Partners and Clients

Our Relationship With Our Clients and Partners Help Both Parties Improve And Thus We Hold Every Single One In The Highest Regard. 

Arts Academy

Educating The next generation of programmers and animators

We at Sangnila Arts Academy want to give students a head start of ensuring they get the necessary exposure and solid fundamentals of programming and animating to become the next generation of digital artists.

Autodesk Certified

Sangnila Arts Academy is a certified and authorized partner of Autodesk, our curriculum has been approved by Autodesk themselves, therefore our programs are based on Autodesk's international standard.

Character Modeling

Character modeling is only one of many programs we have at Sangnila Arts Academy. Modeling has been one of our most favorite courses and one of the reasons why is because the advancements of video game technology.

The Best Lecturers

We only accept the best lecturers at Sangnila Arts Academy. Not only are they great teachers but our lecturers will also answer any questions and solve many problems our students have with their utmost best.

Industrial Revolution 4.0 Has Begun

What Separates Us From The Rest

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Integrated Creative Hub

We provide a full cycle of initiative ranging from education to empowerment to employment. Our motto is culture, cheer, commerce, and cultivate.

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Pioneering New Tech Implementation

New technology has penetrated many aspects of our life and is growing rapidly. VR, AR, animation and games are our specialities applied in our curriculum design and creative projects.

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Focus on Education

Progress moves us forward without marginalizing efforts to disrupt responsibility toward a potential the compromising.

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Enhancing Positive Digital Lifestyle

We help people to simplify their life, boost their productivity and embracing positive lifestyle through digital technology.

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Embracing Local Culture

We are active advocator of local myth, lore, and history. Their values are our primary source of inspirations and assets in designing our contents.

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International Quality, Local Rate

Our applications and products have been used in many companies across the nation. We empower local talents to design contents and applications for international projects with best quality.